Hello. I am the artist known as EMBERHONEY... a poetic wordsmith with a philosophical bent. I often set my experiences and observations to cinematic soundscapes. As a musician, I am part tunesmith and part alchemist, labouring to distill my emotions into a pure, crystalline sonic elixir. Emberhoney is my response to a life which has been over-shadowed by dark narratives. It is my humble attempt to "give beauty for ashes". 

If you're still reading this, welcome to my world. It gets a little lonely without you and I'm delighted to know you exist... another of my kind. If you love lyrics and crave the experience of music as a portal connecting you to something of the 'other', stay tuned...
If you'd like to know more about my background as an artist, I've written a narrative with pictures here.


Latest News

Music Video Release

'In the same way Nick Drake was able to project bittersweet angst, this track is also a remorseful affair in the introspective vain of Anthony and the Johnsons or Nick Cave. Some Kind of Alchemy is an existential juxtaposition of glittering Gloom and pop.'


The Official Music Video for ‘Some Kind of Alchemy’, from the ‘Smoke’ EP.

The process of making the video was a demanding (and darkly comical…) labour of love. Armed with a strong aesthetic vision, one 2nd-hand point-and-shoot camera and one end of a room, we’ve created something inspired by 1940's Film Noir and my favourite directors David Lynch and Tim Burton.

Lighting and filming by John Barön Kent. Directed and edited by Emberhoney.


New Recordings & Releases in 2020

At last..... despite these strange and pecliar times, the first in a series of self-recorded and produced songs will be released in 2020. 

'Until the Stars Burn Out' is anthemic glimpse of what's to come for a series of new single/video releases.

Meanwhile EMBERHONEY's desert-dust guitarscapes and cinematic glamour are also setting the scene for an intriguing collaboration with German artist and videographer Tanja Jager for forthcoming music video releases.

And my manager is in the process of organising forthcoming Livestreams and the EMBERHONEY UK tour for 2021.


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